How To Apply: US Bose

Want to Apply to Be a Scholar?

Currently the Khorana Program is on hold and therefore not accepting participants. Please check the IUSSTF website on information for 2023 program or please email

Application Link:

Step 1: You hear about this amazing opportunity- something to already check off! Are you eligible to apply?

  • US Citizens/Permanent Residents/Indian Citizens
  • Students pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree or in Medical School at an accredited institution of higher education in the US
    • Typically Sophomore student status or above 
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Open to students from all disciplines of Science & Engineering, STEM fields, Public Health, Pre-Med

Step 2: You decide you’d like to travel to India this summer to conduct research. Make sure that a 8-10 week window of time would be feasible for your schedule. Keep in mind, you could also go on the internship in the fall or spring.


Step 3: Begin the application process by following this link!

  • When you click “Start Application,” you will be brought to a screen where you can either Log In or Sign up
  • You should sign up for a profile that will save your application details, please record this username and password so you can come back and work on your application over time

Step 4: Prepare your application materials, listed below. 

  • 2 Letters of Recommendations
  • Statement of purpose… The prompt on the application will say: “A statement of what you hope to gain from the experience, with attention to both scientific and cultural experiences. Project ideas of what you would like to work on and suggestions of Indian institutions that you might like to work at.”
  • Resume and Technical Background… Technical background—courses, lab work, techniques exposed to and past lab experience. Including a description of extracurricular activities, such as volunteer, employment, student organizations.
  • No-Objection Certificate signed by your university, this is more commonly accepted in India and popularly abbreviated as NOC. An NOC is a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute or, in certain cases, an individual.

Step 5: Look into researchers you’d like to work under in India. Do this by:

  • Simply using our website mentor’s page.
  • Asking your current research mentor / professor if they know anyone one in India
  • Not getting anywhere? Email with your area of expertise


Step 6: Apply for a passport if you do not have one already.


Step 7: Attend US Bose informational session either in person at UW-Madison or online if you are not in Madison, WI.

  • WINStep holds these sessions monthly starting in October, going through December.
  • Email for details on date, time and location.

Step 8: Submit application by deadline.

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