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The Khorana Program for Scholars was named in honor of Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, who won the Nobel Prize in 1968 for his work at the interface of Chemistry and Biology while a faculty member of UW Madison. The Khorana Program provides opportunities to Indian students to undertake research at U.S. based universities in the Summer 2018 for a period of 10-12 weeks.

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Bibrita Bhar Summer 2017 Blog

I am a Master’s student of Madurai Kamaraj University, an ordinary student with a desire to walk on the difficult road of life to reach the finest destination. In the evening of 16th January I was reluctantly traveling from Kolkata (native place) to Madurai to attend the classes of second semester. One mail-notification blinked on

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Britya Ghosh Summer 2017 Blog

I stood bewildered at the New Arc Terminal C, flooded with a motley of multicoloured crowd, gliding across the terminals. Somehow, I managed to make it to my next flight on time. And there I was at my next stop, Madison. I had planned my itinerary such that I could attend the Khorana-Bose Orientation at

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Jagmohan Singh Summer 2017 Blog

It was like a dream come true, when I got opportunity of US internship from IUSSTF and WinStep Forward. I was wondering to pursue my Masters from US University as most of my batch mates went for MS in America or Canada with RA. I also had good CV and good score in competitive exams,

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