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The Aneja lab was diverse with people coming from various races and nationalities. This was demonstrated in the lab meetings, where we discussed a plethora of solutions to multiple problems in cancer biology. Here, I also understood that research is more collaborative than competitive. The Aneja lab was beyond just lab work. Lab retreats were equally fun and productive. Projects and future tasks were discussed while cooking and eating tasty food. Dr. Aneja taught me how to make ‘round chapatis’ and her special paneer masala. My experience at GSU really shaped me to think more clearly about my future in research.

Khorana Scholars

The Khorana Program for Scholars was named in honor of Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, who won the Nobel Prize in 1968 for his work at the interface of Chemistry and Biology while a faculty member of UW Madison. The Khorana Program provides opportunities to Indian students to undertake research at U.S. based universities each summer for a period of 10-12 weeks.

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Rupsha Mukherjee 2019 Khorana Scholar

Research is all about collaboration and exchange of ideas, so the best way to implement the same is to get a hand one insight of what happening in the world. Khorana scholar program is the one which provides a platform for collaboration; to explore and carry on research with any U.S. university of your field.

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Ranjini Bhattacharya Summer 2019 Blog

A utopia where everyone can achieve their highest possible aspirations-  the American dream. My American Dreams took wings with the mail from IUSSTF informing me about my selection in the Khorana Program. As a recent transfer from a Physics to Biotechnology major, I knew my chances were slim. Never, in my wildest dreams did I

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Shiwani Kumari Summer 2019 Blog

The first time when I heard about the Khorana Program in mid-2018, I had no clue about it. Having a consideration apply for it when the call is open, I become busy in my master’s academic schedule. I honestly did not expect to apply for Khorana Program until a beautiful, warm day in Sep 2018

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