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There are many things you can do to participate and help grow the Khorana and Bose programs!  You can volunteer your time and ideas to some of the programs/initiatives that are being developed. Simply contact and let us know how you would like to contribute or participate.

To donate, please select a fund from the list provided:


Become a U.S. or India Regional Volunteer/Coordinator

We are looking for volunteers who would like to help coordinate various programs and initiatives at their institution and their communities both in the US and India. Below are items that might be of interest:

  • Encourage talented US students to apply for internships in India
  • Host/mentor Indian scholars at your institution (for example, see page 4)
  • Engage your institution in the Khorana and Bose Programs
  • Build outreach and volunteer base
  • Link Indian and US students to other opportunities
  • Launch new initiatives (for example see Sci-ROI on page 3)
  • Social media coordination, website content management, and host events
  • Design materials such as flyers, logos, etc. using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.


Identify Corporate Sponsors/Donate to a Fund

Orientation Event Fund

This fund is to help sponsor the annual Orientation we hold for U.S. and Indian Scholars before they begin their internships abroad. The annual Orientation is held in Chicago, Illinois, and your donation, or sponsorship would help to improve services and eliminate logistical challenges to hosting the event.

Scholarship Fund

The donations to this fund would be used to help sponsor U.S. or Indian students who have been selected as finalists for the Khorana/Bose Programs, but due to limited funding, are not accepted into the program.  In the past, we have placed a few “honorary” scholars with successful outcomes.  With your donation, we would be able to pay for uncovered costs such as housing/travel/stipend and include these talented students in the program.

Alumni Fund

If you would like to nominate exceptional students from your Alma mater as honorary scholars for the Khorana/Bose programs, consider making a donation to the Alumni Fund.  This fund will enable qualified students from your Alma mater to benefit from this life-enriching experience provided by our programs.

Programs Fund

We offer a wide range of highly effective and life-enhancing programs (eg. Sci-ROI, Rural Development, Fellowship Programs).  Your donation to these programs will help ensure their outstanding quality and longevity. A donation will make you a WinStep Forward member!

Khorana Program | Bose Program

Sci-ROI | Rurual Development

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