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Sanjan Gupta

As a Khorana scholar during summer 2014, Sanjan Gupta got an
oppurtunity to work in Dr. Jennifer Reed's lab at University
of Wisconsin Madison. Soon after completi...

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Nick Rettko
Nick is a 2013 S.N. Bose Scholar. He studies biochemistry and global health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Nick did his study abroad at the National AIDS Research Institut...
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Melanie (1)_edited.jpg
Melanie Swannell
As a Summer 2013 S.N. Bose Scholar, Melanie was able to conduct research at the National Centre for Cell Science in Pune, Maharashtra. Her lab work focused on the fitness of chape...
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Harisha pic.jpg
Harisha Rajanala
Harisha Rajanala is a 2010 Khorana Scholar. She worked at UW-Madison in the laboratory of Dr.Paul Ahlquist at the Institute of Molecular Virology. Her work focused on identifying b...
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Dhanya Bharath
Dhanya is a 2019 Khorana Scholar. She worked with Dr. Stephen Nowicki at Duke University, exploring how animals communicate using colour. Studying how birds perceive colour and how...
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Devesh Bhimsaria
Devesh is 2008 Khorana Scholar from Electronics & Communication Engineering from IIT Roorkee, India. He worked in Professor Aseem Ansari's Biochemistry lab in University of Wiscons...
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Anil Kiran Chokkalla
Anil graduated from IIT Madras with Integrated B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Biotechnology. As a 2015 Khorana Scholar, he worked in Professor Aseem Ansari’s group at the University of ...
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Amartya Pradhan
Amartya is a 2019 Khorana Scholar. He got the opportunity to work with Dr. Ritu Aneja at Georgia State University, GA, USA. His work at GSU demonstrated a positive correlation betw...
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Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek is 2019 Khorana Scholar. He worked with Dr. Bikash R Pattnaik, of pediatrics/ ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Wisconsin Madison, the USA studying th...
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Aayushi Uberoi.jpg
Aayushi Uberoi
Aayushi graduated from SRM University, Chennai with a in Biotechnology. She is a recipient of the Indian Academy of Sciences and JNCASR fellowships in India and has worked a...
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Aayushi Jain

As a Khorana Scholar 2014, I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work with Dr. Richard Vierstra at UW Madison for a summer. Carrying the amazing learning experience in heart,...

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