Debasmita Mukherjee Summer 2018 Blog


The last 3 months have been one of the most wonderful journeys of my life. From life skills to living independently, from managing funds to cooking, from learning techniques to designing experiments and from meeting people to making friends- it has been one of a kind ride. Columbus, as a city, has an optimum balance of being happening and surreal simultaneously. But I always believe that the kind of people you meet adds value to the place you live. And I have been fortunate to meet beautiful people along my way.

From the orientation ceremony in Chicago, being in a room full of people with a vision to make a difference in the world has only inspired me to strive in harsher circumstances. Not to mention the immense fun I had! You can’t truly marvel at the beauty of Niagara without seeing the mist and having the water all over you. You can never experience beautiful coffee shops and follow a trail all around Columbus without going to them. In the end, you realize that it is all about experiences and putting yourself out there. Talking to people solves most problems- be it experiments or lonely evenings. I am returning to India as a more confident person to continue research and more importantly, to take on life! Thank you WinStep Forward, IUSSTF and DBT-GOI for this wonderful opportunity!

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