Callie Mataczynskie Summer 2017 Blog

Being in Bangalore is upbeat and exciting. It is always rushing with traffic and taking walks down the nearby Bel road with the smells of roasted corn and fried pani puri is an activity worth experiencing. I enjoy this city, but it is definitely not like rural India. Bangalore is more modern and has lots of cool things to do like looking through street side shops at the nearby market called Mallasharem, or watching movies at the famous Orion mall, or taking walks in various parks such as Sanke Tank. I learned how to eat with my hands with my friends around town. The weather here, although hot compared to the city I live in at home, is so comfortable. Bangalore is definitely a great place to live for a summer internship.


The research I conducted this summer was part of an ongoing study of the redox mechanism associated with Tuberculosis. At first, my research was fast paced and we had to clone a lot of DNA. We hit a roadblock about halfway into the first month of the internship and we had to re- evaluate our situation, but found a solution. I worked with a mentor named Somnath, and he was great. About 3 weeks before I left, we hit another road block that caused Somntath to switch to his secondary project, so I got moved with another mentor named Pj. Pj and I studied the enzyme kinetics of CbS. I learned so much with these two mentors such as I am very excited to bring my knowledge back to America.

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