WINStep Team Member Visits India

During the summer of 2019, our Program Coordinator, Lexi had an opportunity to visit India for a few weeks. She was traveling mostly in Southern India, spending time with friends and volunteering with different people who had charitable programs. Below are some photos from Lexi’s trip including eating on a banana leaf, visiting friends, visiting villages and a few tourist places. Hear more about her experience below,


“Going to India was something extra special because of my involvement with WINStep Forward, as well as the Khorana and SN Bose Scholars! I had the privilege of staying with some friends who made traditional Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner the entire time I was there. One thing which surprised me was the cities I was in, was that all of the women wore sarees or kurtas. These are such beautiful pieces of clothing, full of color and tradition, I found it so cool to ride in an auto and just see such a multitude of color and life amongst the people.

Everyone I met was also so kind, hospitable and welcoming. One couple a friend and I met at a mall, did not let us pay for our faloodas, insisting that because we came to their country, they wanted to treat us. I was able to help an organization build a water filter, share healthcare and have fun hanging out with children of a village. It was so sweet to see everyone’s smiles and invitation to spend the day with them.

I even got to see some of the institutions that our scholars come from, while I was touring around! One day, I got to meet up with a 2018 Fellow, Shruti Magesh. Her family graciously invited me and some of my friends to their house for lunch. It was so delicious and her parents were very hospitable. Afterwards, we got to explore a market shopping area and try some coconut water directly out of coconuts!

I loved India and would highly encourage any US students who can apply for the US Bose Scholarship to do so! It is a wonderful, culture-filled country that is so different from the United States. Application for the 2020 US Bose Scholarship will open around October, check out our website and social media for the link!”



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