Rupsha Mukherjee 2019 Khorana Scholar

Research is all about collaboration and exchange of ideas, so the best way to implement the same is to get a hand one insight of what happening in the world. Khorana scholar program is the one which provides a platform for collaboration; to explore and carry on research with any U.S. university of your field. Getting selected in Khorana Scholar program 2019 was on itself prestigious, and been a part of Kolomiesky lab, Rice University, Houston was an icing to the cake.

From the very first day, I had a great impression of the people around me. Professor Kolomiesky came to pick me up from my place and gave a lunch treat to all the labmates. The area on which I worked during the internship project was new to my past project experience. The work environment was very humble and inspirational. So, from beginner to the completion of the project, successfully was an excellent benchmark for me.

The Rice Office of international scholar and students section played a critical role in forming a comfortable environment in Houston. They organised several trips, events, get together to offer us a gist of the texas culture, an opportunity to associate with other international students, make friends. Life in Rice is just astonishing, "they are the best in Science, the campus is dynamic and green. It gives you positive vibes to work effectively and overcome homesickness. I also got the opportunity to share words with one of the noble orients of Physics, Dr. Robert F. Curl, and he is now 95 years old.

I learned to salsa, bachata,2-step cowboy dance and tasted almost all the cuisine starting from taxes-Mexican to Japanese food. I toured all the attractions in Houston, New Orleans, San Antonio and Galveston Island during the long weekends. The second maximum campus population of international students were Indians. My most breathtaking moment on Houston was to visit Saturn 5 at NASA(Space centre Houston) that was so huge. Coming to Houston weather, it’s similar to India, hot and humid but the rain is a matter of concern, roads flood in no time. Other than that its a secure and lively place to live, and will find it hard to bid farewell. Thanks to Khorana scholar program, I got the chance to be a Rice owl and set a milestone in my life.

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