2018 Priya Srivastava Summer Blog

I am Priya Srivastava (Khorana Scholar 2018), I went to the Ohio State University for the internship in 2018 to carry out an 8 weeks research. My life has completely changed from the day I got selected for this very prestigious fellowship. I worked with one of the very cool and great RNA scientist Prof. Juan Alfonzo, he taught me the real meaning of “doing science” and it shaped my career. After the internship, I was more focused and sure about my research interest. Not only just the research experience, but I also got a priceless training to be in an international environment, how to network and communicate, know the culture globally. I was fortunate as I had very friendly lab mates from the different parts of the world. While applying for Ph.D. programs I received a huge benefit because of the Khorana summer research experience and highly impactful recommendation letters.

I am pleased to inform that I got several Ph.D. offers from very good labs across the world including University of Manchester (PDS award), University of Lethbridge ( RNA innovation award), Vienna Bio center Austria. I am currently enrolled in Ph.D. biochemistry at the University of Manchester. I got the very prestigious Presidents doctoral award from the University and will be brushing up my leadership, teaching, and social skills apart from doing the cutting edge research in the Faculty of Biology, Health, and Medicine (what I always wanted to). I cannot thank enough to the Khorana Program for this very distinguishable life-changing opportunity.

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