FIELD Sessions

A Future Informed by Experts and Experience for Making Life Decisions

Trying to outline a career path can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor, yet, as students embark upon their four year undergraduate journey, they are expected to have a general career map, with final destination, in hand. With the possibility of so many different and exciting routes to explore, it can be difficult to decide which direction to take first.

The mission of FIELD sessions is to provide students exposure to career paths of professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. Join experts as they share their reasons for making the career choices they did, what they might have done differently, and what collaborative endeavors and alternatives they are still exploring on their personal journeys.

We need your help in advertising this event to the Indian high school audience as well as undergraduate students who are interested. If you have a motivated younger sibling, cousin, friend, etc., please encourage them to register for these talks. They are free and occur once a month. The speaker will talk about his/her career from several different angles as well as offer the kids advice on how to get from point A to point B to point C etc. and what other routes they can take in lieu of the path the speakers took. After our first talk there will a Q&A session. Parents are invited as well.

Registration for Field Sessions

  • pre-high school, high school, college, post college, or other, if other please specify

Upcoming Speakers

February 2021, 20th 8:00 am U.S. CST (7:30 pm IST) via Zoom

Karishma Seth Prasad, Artist, Real Estate Developer and Lawyer. Karishma is a lawyer by education, a real estate developer by profession and an artist by passion. She completed her schooling from Modern School Barakhamba Road, and graduated from Lady Shri Ram College with a degree in Political Science (Honors) in 2006. Post LSR, she went to Cardiff University, UK for her BA LLB (degree in law), and returned to India to pursue a legal career, working with renowned firms such as Luthra & Luthra. After getting married in 2011, Karishma joined her husband in his real estate business. She has always enjoyed painting, but after her son was born and Karishma was on a break from work, she started painting a lot more, and is now juggling both real estate and painting as professions. Karishma’s talk will be about her career journey and how it has gone from law before marriage to real estate after marriage to art after her child.

“It’s very important to do what you feel you will be good at. If you are really good at something , I believe eventually you will succeed. It is important to try new things even if it means you might fail in it, or decide it’s not for you. That is way one you would never live with regret! I see friends who are working in a field only because they feel they don’t know how to do anything else, but I keep telling them you will be surprised at your own ability to adapt, only if you allow yourself the chance to do so. You will never learn to swim without going in the deep. ” – Karishma



January 16th 2021, 9:30am CST (9:00pm IST) via Zoom

Ahanjit Bhattacharya is currently a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University where he is studying interaction of pathogenic viruses with biological membranes. He carried out his doctoral research on Artificial Life at the University of California, San Diego. He was one of the 45 global finalists of the Reaxys PhD Prize 2020. Prior to moving to the US, Ahanjit completed Integrated Masters in Chemistry (summa cum laude) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. His primary area of interest is the emerging discipline of synthetic biology which ultimately aims to build artificial living cells for betterment of humankind. Ahanjit is passionate about teaching and communicating science to both young students and general public.

“What path we chose to follow is largely decided by events in our childhood or early youth. However, in a developing country like India, we often find ourselves caught between passion and practicality. Since my school days, I knew I wanted to become a scientist, but finding an optimal path was not straightforward. I will describe why I chose to pursue a career in fundamental scientific research, what challenges and dilemmas I faced, and finally what helped me to stay true to my choice. Next, I will touch upon how living and working in the US made me realize that staying abroad can be enlightening in many ways. Finally, I will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by India in a post-pandemic world and how young students can prepare themselves for those.” – Ahanjit


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