Jana Iyer, Co-Founder FINO Tequila

From arriving to the U.S. in the year 2000 to now being a CEO of her own successful business, Jana Iyer combined drive, smarts, and sense of opportunity to create her own niche product in the highly competitive liquor industry. With her good friend and partner Sonali Patel, the two young entrepreneurs, with zero experience in the liquor world, launched an upstart tequila which boasts to “elevate” tequila from the ignoble realm of shots and hangovers to the bright, sparkly world of tinkling tequila glasses.

Jana co-founded FINO Tequila in 2018, and the company’s brand of super smooth and easy tequila, made in a distillery in Mexico, has taken off. In just 12 months, FINO Tequila was in demand at popular liquor stores, premium bars and restaurants in Illinois, Washington DC and Maryland.  Jana admits that a trait she recognizes in herself is her readiness to launch products about which she has very little knowledge, however, her ability to pinpoint gaps in current markets is one of the important keys to her achievements.  Aslo, she enjoys riding the learning curves and attributes much of her success to persistence embodied in the ‘Failure is Not an Option (FINO)’ mindset.

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