Ashim K. Datta


Research Area

Biomedical Engineering, Engineering


Cornell University

Our research and teaching program are built around the application of transport phenomena (e.g., energy and water transport, fluid flow) in biological processes in an effort to better understand their complexities with the intent of improving them through optimization. We have been active in primarily the application areas of industrial food processing but we have also worked in biomedical applications.

In food process engineering, we develop mechanistic understanding of process, quality and safety for complex food processes and under various heating modes (such as microwave and infrared), with a goal to improve their safety and quality.

We had two major biomedical projects, both joint activity, one involving modeling of airflow in the upper airway of an exercising horse (with Professor Normand Ducharme of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell) and the other involving modeling of transport in radio-labeled antibody in radioimmunotherapy (RIT) to treat metastatic melanoma (with Professor Ekaterina Dadachova of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine).

The teaching program provides the knowledge base in transport processes through two well-coordinated courses. The first course deals with the basics of energy and mass transport and the second one builds on the first one through class projects involving real-life biomedical processes.

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