Prem Natarajan


Research Area

Computer Science, Engineering


University of Southern California

Dr. Premkumar (Prem) Natarajan is the inaugural Michael Keston Executive Director of the USC Information Sciences Institute, a storied multi-disciplinary research organization which is recognized for creating fundamental scientific advances and for operationalizing them in the form of prototypes and open source software.He also holds concurrent appointments as Vice Dean of Engineering and Research Professor of Computer Science. Prior to joining USC in July 2013, Dr. Natarajan served as an Executive Vice President and Principal Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies, leading its Speech, Language, and Multimedia Business Unit.

As the chief executive of ISI, Dr. Natarajan manages a diverse scientific and technical workforce whose collective competencies include machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, human computer communication, speech recognition, biometrics, trusted electronics, quantum computing, space robotics, heterogeneous cloud computing, medical informatics and infrastructure systems research, networking, and cybersecurity. ISI’s workforce is a potent blend of nearly 250 full-time faculty, research staff, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate student researchers who work together in small and large teams to achieve critical advances in their areas of endeavor. In addition to performing research, ISI also operates a commercial service – the MOSIS electronic chip brokerage which pioneered the concept of fabless foundries in the early 1980s and is today recognized as a national asset.

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