San Diego Alumni Chapter

At the University of California, San Diego, former Khorana Bose scholars who returned to pursue graduate studies have agreed to be apart of a new Khorana Bose Alumni Chapter!

Below are the members, all PhD students at various schools in the San Diego Area:


Annie Rathore at University of California, San Diego & Salk Institute. Annie is studying the Functional Characterization of the smORF encoded microproteins.



Bhuvan Molparia at The Scripps Research Institute. “My area of focus is computational biology. Specifically, I work on creating diagnostic tools for genetic diseases.”


Ipshita Zutshi at University of California, San Diego. “I work on understanding the neural circuits that underlie memory and learning. Specifically, I am studying entorhinal and hippocampal circuits that support spatial memory in mice.”


Kanika Khanna at University of California, San Diego. “I work on understanding structural cell biology of sporulation in Bacillus subtilis using high resolution imaging techniques in the field of cryo-electron microscopy.”


Pragya Sidhwani at University of California, San Diego. “I work on how biomechanical forces from heart contraction and blood flow influence the lumen dimensions of the cardiac outflow tract in zebrafish. These studies have direct implications in designing therapies for congenital heart defects, 30% of which include outflow tract abnormalities.”


Pranav Suresh at University of California, San Diego. “My work is related to use of high performance computing to tackle fluid flow problems pertaining to the ocean. Specifically, I work on analysis of internal wave generation due to tidal flow over 3D topography in ocean using CFD.”


Sachin Sethi at University of California, San Diego. “I am studying how the internal state and the external environment of an animal alters sensory processing in the olfactory system.”



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