UW Madison Alumni Chapter

At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, former Khorana Bose scholars who returned to pursue graduate studies have agreed to be apart of a new Khorana Bose Alumni Chapter!

Below are the members:


Aayushi Jain “I am interested in chromatin dynamics in cancer. Specifically, I study chromatin remodeling by the helicase ATRX.”





Diya Binoy Joseph “I study the role of epigenetic factors in coordinating lower urinary tract development.”





Jyotsna Misra “I am working to elucidate the iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis pathway in Zymomonas mobilis in order to upregulate the MEP pathway for creating better bio-fuel strain.”





Kaivalya Molugu – “I am working on trying to understand the role of biophysical environment in influencing the process of somatic cell reprogramming.”





Sanjan Gupta – “As part of my PhD thesis in Dr. Jennifer Reed’s group, I amdeveloping machine learning-based methods for solving various problems in metabolic and protein engineering space with a specific focus on production of biofuels and biochemicals in collaboration with the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center.”




Venkatachalam Avadiappan- “I am working on the integration of chemical production scheduling and automation logic.”

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