Previous Scholar’s Projects

Video Testimonies of Scholars:

2015 Scholar Kelli Verhoeven Video of Experience in India

2013 Scholar Melanie Swannell and Nick Rettko Talk About Their Experience

2019 US Bose Scholars

Bronte Ellsworth Summer 2019

  • Bronte interned at IISc Bangalore looking at the evolution of multimodal signaling in diurnal geckos with Professor Maria Thaker

Grace Gasper Presentation

  • Grace interned at IISC Banglaore looking at Molecular Reproduction, Development, and Genetics with Professor Upendra Nongthomba
  • Grace’s major is chemical engineering major

Ian Arthur Presentation

  • Ian interned at IISc Bangalore looking at the mechanism of metastasis and stem cell biology in cancer with Professor Annapoorni Rangarjan

2018 US Bose Scholars

Chanel Vidal Presentation

  • Chanel interned at IIT Bombay identifying shear zones (natural deformation features) in the Deccan Trap basaltic rocks on beaches in and around Kashid. T
  • Chanel’s major is Geology

Noah Borchardt Presentation

  • Noah interned the Tibeten Delek Hospital performing a research evaluation on the staff’s health, benefits to patients, etc.
  • Noah is a Medical student at the University of Wisconsin Madison

Bhagyashri Pandey Presentation

  • Bhagyashri interned at IISc Bangalore studying molecu.lar mechanisms of astrogliosis.
  • Bhagyashri’s major is Biology and Neuroscience

Elsa Barron Presentation

  • Elsa interned at IISc Bangalore studying the causes of asymmetric cell division in yeast cells.
  • Elsa’s major is Biology and Peace Studies

Michael D’amato Presentation

  • Micheal interned at The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology testing an Ayruvedic treatment called Brahmi Gritham, which is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a neurotropic.
  • Michael’s major is Biology

2016 US Bose Scholars

Natalie Galles Presentation

  • Natalie interned at NCCS studying the proteins regulating memory maintenance
  • Natalie’s major was biology

Hannah’s Return to India Presentation

  • Former US Bose Scholar returned to India on a Critical Language Scholarship to learn hindu!
  • Hannah’s major was Biomedical Engineering

2015 US Bose Scholars

Jared Landsman Presentation

  • Jared interned at CEPT University Ahmedabad
  • Jared’s major was Engineering, Building Science and Sustainability
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